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How to apply for IPR protection in India? July 03, 2021 - BY Admin

How to apply for IPR protection in India?

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Intellectual Property Rights play an important role to protect the creation of every individual and give certain identity to that creation. In layman language, those rights which are necessary to protect the creation of human mind, are called Intellectual Property Rights. The main object of IPR is to protect the original things which are created by individuals with the help of their own mind. For example - Poem which is created by any individual, is the intellectual Property of that individual. He can get protection under IPR and nobody can use this poem anywhere without the permission of the owner of that poem. IPR laws protect also the economic values of creations.

According to the agreement of trade related aspects of Intellectual Property Right with the World Trade organization, various intellectual Property rights were identified. There are few of them.

• Right of artist, painters, musician and photographs in copyrights.

• Patents Rights

• Rights of traders in trademarks.

• Right to computer technologist.

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Copyrights and related rights.

In India, copyrights Act, 1957 deals with all the provisions regarding copyrights. This is one of the oldest IPR laws in India. This law basically protects the right of literary, artists, Music, and cinematography articles. This law gives the copyright to the owner for lifetime and 60 years after the death.


The Trade and Merchandise Mark Act, 1958 is oldest law for trademarks in India. With the passage of time, The Trade Mark Act, 1999 came. The trade mark is a special symbol which identifies the goods or services from another in the market. It helps consumers to identify that each good belongs to which company or industry.

Patents Rights

These rights give a exclusive powers to the people who invent new things or do research. Basically , The inventors, scientists get the benefit of patent laws. The government authorised the inventions for some persons for limited time with various conditions. If anybody use the inventions by their own , he is liable for compensatory punishment even for penal punishments in some cases. The object of patent laws to encourage the inventors or scientists invent more things. And protect the creations of inventors from another person. The Indian patent act, 1970 deals with various provisions related to filling applications to get patents for new inventions etc.

The Geographical Indications of Goods (Registration and Protection ) Act, 1999, The designs act,2000, The Semiconductor Integrated Circuits Layout Design Act, 2000, The Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmers’ Rights Act, 2001 etc. Are various laws which also play a major role in the field of IPR. The concept of copyrights continually rise with news laws and amendments. Advocate who deals with IPR related case also keep important place in society. If you looking for a advocate who can help you in field of IPR cases, The legal court is one of the best law firm based in Jaipur, Rajasthan. This law firm provides the best advocates for each and every matter of law.

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