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RERA Registration in Rajasthan January 27, 2021 - BY Admin

RERA Registration in Rajasthan

RERA STAND FOR Real estate regulatory Authority, this Authority works for the registration of the real estate project both commercial and residential to facilitate the growth and promotion of a healthy, transparent, efficient and faith competitive real estate sector while protecting the interest of allottees, promoters, and real estate agents. The Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016 was brought into effect by Govt. of India on 01.05.2016. Each state has its different rules under the Act for RERA registration.The Rajasthan Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Rules, 2017 were notified on 01.05.2017. Govt. of Rajasthan has constituted the Rajasthan Real Estate Regulatory Authority (Raj.RERA) on 06.03.2019.RERA registration in Rajasthan is a new and improved process by Govt Of Rajasthan.

 Objectives Of RERA Registration in Rajasthan

  • More transparency and accountability towards customers in order to protect their interests and money rights .
  • To resolve grievances by establishing the transparent & fair dispute resolution mechanism.
  • To reduce frauds by increasing real estate compliance's.
  • To reduce delays construction  through fair play.
  • To ensure smooth & fair operations by bringing professionalism and standards in place.
  • To create awareness in consumers by promoting good governance practices.
  • To bring ease in transactions due to imposed responsibilities on the promoter/developers as well as the buyer.
  • To set up the Appellate Tribunal to listen to appeals arising from the consumers and promoters.

Applicability of RERA Registration in Rajasthan

  1. Parties to the transparent transaction – It applies to promoters and real estate agents which includes builder, contractor, developer, development body or any other public body who/which constructs/develops land/building/apartment for the purpose of sale.
  2. Type of properties – It applies to commercial buildings, residential apartments, and plot developed for sale.
  3. Area – The RERA registration applies for real estate projects exceeding 500 sq. meters or having more than eight apartments.

Process of RERA Registration in Rajasthan and Documentation

RERA registration is a state-wise registration process in India and hence varies from state to state. The process is online and can be applied from the official website of the Rajasthan state in which the RERA registration is applied for. The promoters and the real estate agents have to submit the relevant legal documents along with the application for RERA registration in Rajasthan to the Regulating Authority .

There are some documents for RERA registration in Rajasthan process across all states. They are as follows:

Documents required for Promoter RERA Registration in rajasthan:

  1. PAN card of the promoter.
  2. Parking slots availability in the real estate projects.
  3. Legal title drafted deeds reflecting the title of the promoter of the land on which project is proposed.
  4. Encumbrance Legal Certificate relating to the land of the project.
  5. Commencement Legal Certificate of the project
  6. The Sanction Plan, Layout Plan, location details of the project site.
  7. The plan of development works to be executed in the project site.
  8. Details of previous project work experience of the promoter, if any.

The following documents related to the previous project work  experience, if any of the promoter/promoter enterprise firm is to be submitted along with the RERA registration in rajasthan:

Previous project work experience – if yes, details of the projects work  launched by him in the last 5 years.

  1. Name of project.
  2. Status of project
  3. Any delay in its completion.
  4. Pending work case – if yes, – case name and number.

If the promoter is an enterprise firm such as a company, partnership, society or proprietorship, the following additional documents relating to the promoter enterprise is required for Rera registration in Rajasthan:

  • Name, type and registered address of the enterprise firm.
  • Particulars of the registration of the enterprise firm such as Registration Certificate,Memorandum of Association (MOA),Articles of Association (AOA) and date of incorporation.
  • Audited balance sheet of the previous three financial years by professionals.
  • Audited report and directors report of company the preceding three years .
  • Name, address, contact details and photographs of the promoter/director/ partners/chairman/ or any other company authorized person.

In case the promoter is not the landowner on which the project development is proposed, then the following documents are required for Rera registration in rajasthan:

  1. Detail of the owner.
  2. Development Legal agreement.
  3. Joint Development Legal Agreement.
  4. Collaboration Legal  Agreement.

Any other  Legal agreement between owner and promoter.

  • Title drafted deeds of the owner.
  • Documents required for Real Estate Agent Registration in RERA:
  • PAN.
  • Permanent address proof.
  • Photograph.
  • Details of real estate agent enterprise firm, if applicable which includes its name, registered address, type of enterprise, proprietorship, societies,co-operative society, partnership, companies, etc.
  • Particulars of registration of the enterprise, if applicable such as the legal bye-laws, company memorandum of association, articles of association etc. as the case may be.

Note: Real estate agents who are engaged in the sale and purchase of properties can get the RERA registration in Rajasthan that will remain valid throughout the state.

The promoter will be issued a RERA Registration Number, Login userId, and password after receipt of the application for RERA registration in Rajasthan. The login userId and password can be used by the promoter for login and updating the status of the project on the website of RERA.

The RERA Registration in rajasthan is valid for the period time within which the promoter undertakes to complete the site project as declared by him. The same can be extended in case of a natural disaster such as flood, fire, war etc. This type of extension will be valid for a period of one year.

Advantages Of Registration Of Real Estate Projects Under RERA For Buyers

On-time possession of the property to buyers

The biggest loophole in the real estate industry has been fake promises by promoters of completion and delivery of projects, thereby causing big financial worries and mistrust among the buyers. When promoters register under the RERA in Rajasthan, they must provide the estimated fixed date of completion of the project, failing which there will be penalties imposed on the promoter.

Accurate details of the project

The promoter must provide the complete and accurate details of the project like the stage of completion, the amenities provided, and other relevant details or projects being executed, which cannot be altered later.

Assured license clearances

Prior to RERA, the promoters would never receive the mandatory Govt licenses and clearance from the government and delay the projects on the pretext of the same. However, for promoters registered under RERA, it is mandatory to have the Govt licenses in place before selling even a single unit of projects. Hence the buyers cannot be now lured into fraudulent schemes.

Repair of defects

It is the responsibility of the promoter to set right any defect, and deficiencies post the purchase by the buyer.

Restricted Media advertisement

The developers can media advertise their projects only after getting the required registration under RERA, and the RERA registration number must also be displayed in the advertisement.

Payment of the booking amount

The booking amount of 10% has to be paid only after the registration of the sale Legal agreement.

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