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Agreement to appoint importer as Distributor in India

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Best Legal Firm for Agreement to appoint importer as Distributor in India

Best Legal Firm for Agreement to appoint importer as Distributor in India

This agreement has been drawn to cover all aspects of a business relationship between a Foreign Company and its Importer in India, who is also made the Distributor for selling the Foreign Company’s products. The document is drawn in general terms without specific reference to any industry. The details for appropriate use and alteration to suit specific needs of an industry have been provided in the explanatory notes that accompany the document.

Who will use Agreement to appoint importer as Distributor?

A Foreign Company arranging terms for a distribution arrangement of products or services with a partnership / proprietorship firm in India; or vice versa.

Key features of Agreement to appoint importer as Distributor:

·         comprehensive provisions to comply with appropriate legal regulations;

·         suitable for sale of goods or adaptable for services;

·         ready for adaptation to particular needs of either or both parties;

·         real law in plain and simple user friendly language;

·         detailed explanatory notes make it easier to understand the legalities involved and to incorporate changes that may be necessary in a given situation;

Agreement to appoint importer as Distributor includes provision for:

·         non-compete;

·         terms for sale and purchase of goods;

·         prices; packing; advertising; prices;

·         order procedure; cancellation of orders;

·         responsibilities of the distributor clearly defined;

·         payment terms; product liability;

·         confidential information;

·         duration and termination;

·         matters after termination;

·         appropriate legal provisions, warranties and exclusions.

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