Confidentiality Agreement

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Best Legal Consultant for Confidentiality Agreement in Jaipur

Best Legal Consultant for Confidentiality Agreement in Jaipur 

When it is just unavoidable and you may have to disclose important and proprietary information concerning your business and its activities to a party in the course of business interaction or otherwise, this agreement will provide for a comprehensive solution to safeguard your secrets.  


Who will use the Confidentiality Agreement?

Anyone wanting to protect their business or idea when it is necessary to disclose secrets;

Key features of Confidentiality Agreement:

  • Covenants drawn, cover almost all eventualities;

  • User friendly and drawn in Plain English with no complexities;

  • compliance with appropriate legal provisions;

  • Minimal use of legalese;

Confidentiality Agreement includes provisions for:

  • Very broad definition of confidential information;

  • Exclusions;

  • Obligations of the parties;

  • Duration;

  • Permitted disclosures;

  • Other information;

  • No publicity;  

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