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Escrow Agreement
  • Escrow Agreement

Escrow Agreement

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Best Legal Consultant for Escrow Agreement in Jaipur

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Best Legal Consultant for Escrow Agreement in Jaipur

Use this template to create a tripartite agreement to safeguard payment through an escrow agent to confirm compliance of the terms of an arrangement between buyer and seller.


We have created the document to address a property sale, however, with only minor changes the document can be converted to be used in any circumstance where escrow arrangement is being contemplated.


There are no specific legal provisions that govern a legal document of this nature. you still have the liberty to make alterations and additions that exactly suit your situation or the case.

Who will use this Escrow Agreement ?

  • Any businesses or individuals finalizing terms for safety of payment in a transaction through escrow arrangement.
  • Any person or organization performing as escrow agent.

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Key features of Escrow Agreement:

  • very flexible to suit the requirements of all parties.

  • provides a complete framework.

  • protects all sides.

This Escrow Agreement includes provisions for:

  • appropriate legal provisions - warranties, exclusions, indemnities, etc.

  • time schedule.

  • practical terms that protect parties from future disputes.

  • rights and liabilities of escrow agent.

  • when disputes arise.

  • payment terms.

  • acknowledgment.

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Escrow Agreement

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