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Housing Co-operative Society Registration in Rajasthan

A Housing co-operative Society can be depicted as an association set up to assist its individuals. A lodging co-usable is a little lodging affiliation run along with co-employable standards. It is possessed and overseen by the individuals from the co-usable. Most lodging co-agents are Fully Mutual and any further reference to lodging co-agents in this archive allude to this sort, where just inhabitants or forthcoming occupants might be individuals, and just individuals may hold a tenure. This implies choices are made by individuals who are influenced by those choices. Lodging co-agents give an approach to individuals to partake in the responsibility for and live in it at moderate lease levels, instead of lease levels intended to create benefit for an individual or organization. They are a choice to home possession in the conventional sense or leasing in the private division. A helpful lodging society is a set-up shaped through shared collaboration and assent of various individuals. ... PropGuide shares a couple of advantages of living in an agreeable lodging society. The individuals from a Housing Cooperative Society ought to live in a similar minimized region and have basic financial needs to elevate their monetary conditions through joint and aggregate endeavors. A Housing Co-operative Society in Rajasthan has been framed behind the accompanying wide goals: To render administrations to its individuals as opposed to making benefits. A lodging society or condo affiliations is a circumstance prevalent in India with a gathering of house proprietors inside a private complex, generally, one comprising structures that each have pads. ... The lodging society frame must be officially enlisted with the recorder of co-agents.


There are four sorts of Housing Co-operative Societies Registration in rajasthan

(a) Open Plot type Societies [Tenant ownership]

(b) Flat Owners Societies [Tenant Co-partnership]

(c) Tenant Societies

(d) Housing Board Societies.


Documents required for  Housing Co-operative Society in Rajasthan:

  • Bank Statement

  • Aadhaar Card

  • Service Bill

  • Driving License

  • Identification


Registration Process of Housing Co-operative Society in Rajasthan

Step 1: Select the name of a housing society.

Step 2 : Prepare the term & condition for housing society.

Step 3 : Memorandum of association is required.

Step 4 : ID & residence proof of person is required.

Step 5 : finally submit the document and the registration process is complete.

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